Our Animal Welfare Programme


Our ANIMAL WELFARE programme begins on a very practical level. Adrienne Olivier, our Dog School Manager, transfers some of her expertise in dog handling to a group of community instructors, the instructors in turn, pass on these skills to the children. When entering the programme, all children are taught how to be safe around dogs. Thereafter, the basic needs and care of a dog are taught; the dog is assessed and fitted with a collar and leash, de-wormed and treated for ticks and fleas.


While the children are engaged in these activities, our animal welfare officer treats the puppies and dogs for minor injuries and diseases. She provides advice on follow-up treatment and assists in referrals if the injury or disease is serious.


 Rabies vaccines are administered during these sessions to all dogs of the attending children. Other dog owners are provided with the opportunity to vaccinate their dogs when community based Rabies Clinics are provided.


The need to sterilise dogs on an on-going basis is vital and an important part of the message. Therefore,  Funda Nenja requires that all children entering the dog school must obtain permission for their dog to be sterilised.


The message of sterilisation, basic needs of the dog and animal welfare in general reaches all corners of the community when our Education Officer conducts home visits. These home visits are meant to re-enforce and follow-up on our dog school children and ascertain if the lessons taught are being practised at home. While out in the field, our Education Officer can provide hands on advice to the care-givers and other members of the community.


 In order to reach other children and youth not attending dog school, sessions are held at local schools which re-enforce the principles and builds on encouraging young minds to look at relationships with animals and their environment in a new light.





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